The 3rd Pillar Clinical Operating System powers the Clinical Research and Population Health solutions.

It is a highly innovative platform that allows Multi-Channel Patient Engagement Programs to be quickly and easily configured, launched and operated without the need for software development.

Patients and Study Subjects, their Supporters, Clinicians, Investigators and Key Workers can be engaged through bi-directional media channels that best suit their digital capability.


The Orchestrator is a cloud platform that builds and operates patient support services, tailored exactly to your patients’ needs.

  • Drag-and-Drop Configuration.
  • Capture your Care Pathway Structure.
  • Benefit from 3rd Pillar Clinical Professional Service.


Plug your communication resources into The Resourcer. (Emails, SMS messages, Videos, etc.)

  • Multi-lingual.
  • Personalized through Templated Fields.
  • Integration point for Proprietary Apps and 3rd Party Services.


Provide day-to-day Command-and-Control to the Key Worker

  • Overview of Complete Care Pathway.
  • Dashboard view of Individual Patients.
  • Control of Engagement