June '16: 3rd Pillar's Diarmuid Quinn stirs it up at the "Connectivity In Medical Technology" conference, London

Diarmuid took a contrarian view on connectivity in his talk entitled "The Best Connectivity Could be No Connectivity!". Note the work "could". It's not that he was railing against the integration of connectivity into medical devices, but asked the questions: Do you need it? Might you not be better served by enrolling patients onto an informational program that supports your device? What about providing targeted coaching and 'in-time' support? Is it not true that  an informed patient is a compliant patient? 

Connectivity is a two-way flow. 3rd Pillar Clinical is founded on the principles of 'Patient Engagement through Meaningful Communication'. This means reaching out to patients using media that they understand and are comfortable with instead of tracking them. 

Having said that, there is a time and a place for connectivity in medical devices, and 3rd Pillar Clinical's Orchestrator is an ideal integration point for your device, allowing it to trigger a rich set of responses to your measurement or event. 

Note the subtitle: " Pragmatic and Meaningful Patient Services" . Who could argue with that? 

Note the subtitle: "Pragmatic and Meaningful Patient Services". Who could argue with that? 

Diarmuid's signature opening slide ... Predictions of the Future.  

Diarmuid's signature opening slide ... Predictions of the Future.