June '17: 3rdPC at Connectivity in Medical Systems Conference

3rdPC's Diarmuid Quinn delivered a talk entitled : "Patient Engagement: Use both sides of the brain". The "left-brain right-brain dichotomy" is an interesting analogy when applied to Connected Health. It can help to explain the majority of programms fail to get past pilot. 

Diarmuid appealed to the audience to take a 'bottom-up' rather than an engineered 'one-size-fits-all top-down approach to engaging patients. 3rdPC's Patient Engagement OP can be used to build programmes that are 100% customized to a local patient cohort. 

May '17: Patient-led Clinical Trials Conference

The challenges of recruitment to clinical trials was a repeated theme of the eyeforpharma Patient-led Clinical Trials conference, London. 

The attrition between first contact and randomization is the hot-potato of Patient Recruitment.”, according to one of the speakers.  

Our newly-launched "Orchestrated Empathetic Recruitment" solution was well received. It's one of the 3rd Pillar Clinical Orchestrated Clinical Research suite of solutions. 

February '17: 3rd Pillar Clinical at Pharmapack Expo, Paris

Think about it. From the time the patient leaves a centre of care (hospital, clinic, surgery), the only connection that the patient often has with the healthcare system is with a daily engagement with their medication packaging. 

Big progress has been made in Engagement Packs, typified by the Westrock Dosepack®. 

Imagine if a rich multi-channel (video, SMS, email, Facebook, ....) engagement program was launched by scanning the package barcode? With the 3rdPC Patient Engagement Operating System, that's a snitch!

November '16: 3rd Pillar Clinical exhibiting at IoT World, Dublin

3rd Pillar Clinical, with a little help from ZDoggMD, spoke and exhibited at the "Internet of the Patient" sessions during the IoT World, Dublin. We are very grateful to eHealth Ireland / HSE for organising the event and 3rd Pillar Clinical's participation. 

Diarmuid Quinn with Olive O’Connor of  MediStori . Like Olive, 3rd Pillar Clinical also believes that paper continues to play an important role in Patient Engagement.

Diarmuid Quinn with Olive O’Connor of MediStori. Like Olive, 3rd Pillar Clinical also believes that paper continues to play an important role in Patient Engagement.

November '16: 3rd Pillar Clinical joins ARCH

3rd Pillar Clinical is proud  to join a community of Connected Health innovators under the ARCH banner. ARCH (Applied Research in Connected Health) is an industry-driven technology centre for connected health. 

3rd Pillar Clinical and ARCH are collaborating on the development of a proof-of-concept programme entitled “A Coaching service that supports Adolescent Diabetics, their families and their wider circle to create the environment for optimal self management”.

For more information check-out www.arch.ie.

August '16: 3rd Pillar Clinical @ CNS Summit 27th - 30th October.

We love the CNS Summit and will return for another 4 days of wonderful networking and learning. It's more than 'presentations' - it's a real meeting with real outcomes that are shaping clinical trials. Diarmuid Quinn is co-chair of the "Connected Clinical Trials" working domain.

Contact Diarmuid through enquiries@3rdpillar.net if you want to know more or feel that you have something to offer the invite-only Connected Clinical Trials pre-meeting on Thursday 27th October. 

A  Clinical Trials of the Future   Domain Team At Work

A Clinical Trials of the Future Domain Team At Work

June '16: 3rd Pillar's Diarmuid Quinn stirs it up at the "Connectivity In Medical Technology" conference, London

Diarmuid took a contrarian view on connectivity in his talk entitled "The Best Connectivity Could be No Connectivity!". Note the work "could". It's not that he was railing against the integration of connectivity into medical devices, but asked the questions: Do you need it? Might you not be better served by enrolling patients onto an informational program that supports your device? What about providing targeted coaching and 'in-time' support? Is it not true that  an informed patient is a compliant patient? 

Connectivity is a two-way flow. 3rd Pillar Clinical is founded on the principles of 'Patient Engagement through Meaningful Communication'. This means reaching out to patients using media that they understand and are comfortable with instead of tracking them. 

Having said that, there is a time and a place for connectivity in medical devices, and 3rd Pillar Clinical's Orchestrator is an ideal integration point for your device, allowing it to trigger a rich set of responses to your measurement or event. 

Note the subtitle: " Pragmatic and Meaningful Patient Services" . Who could argue with that? 

Note the subtitle: "Pragmatic and Meaningful Patient Services". Who could argue with that? 

Diarmuid's signature opening slide ... Predictions of the Future.  

Diarmuid's signature opening slide ... Predictions of the Future.